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Improve Sleep, Reduce Joint Pain and Fight Inflammation with Pure Cherry Juice

Do you experience joint pain? Have trouble sleeping? Are you looking for a natural remedy that can help with practically all of this?

Look no further than Eden Orchards Pure Cherry Juice.

Not only does cherry juice make for a delicious, refreshing and preservative free beverage with no added sugar, but also comes with a ton of health benefits ranging from sleep improvement to assisting with joint pain.

Still curious? Let's dive in and uncover the many benefits of Eden Orchards Pure Cherry Juice.

Pure Cherry Juice and Sleep

The first stand-out benefit of Eden Orchards Pure Cherry Juice is it's ability to improve sleep duration and quality of sleep (Howatson et al., 2011), making it a perfect option for individuals who have trouble sleeping.

This is due to the high concentrations of melatonin found in pure cherry juice, a hormone found in the body that strongly influences our body's sleep-wake cycle (otherwise known as our circadian rhythm).

Physiologically, our body naturally secretes melatonin at night, but if our schedule is constantly bombarded by blue light from devices, computers and overhead commercial lighting, our sleep-wake cycle get's put out of balance.

Luckily, we can use Eden Orchards Pure Cherry Juice to raise our melatonin levels naturally, and shift our sleep-wake cycle back to where it should be.

Still after more natural remedies for sleep? Here are 5 of our additional top recommendations for natural sleep aids.

Pure Cherry Juice and Joint Pain

Do you suffer from joint pain? Pure Cherry Juice can be used to assist in the reduction of joint pain associated with gout (Collins et al., 2019).

Joint dysfunction is often associated with presence of free radicals that aggravate joint tissue, which causes higher levels of inflammation, resulting in joint pain and discomfort.

Eden Orchards Pure Cherry Juice contains compounds known as anthocyanins, which exert strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that work towards reducing markers of inflammation, allowing for a reduction in pain and restoring joint function.

Alcohol is also a known exacerbating factor for gout, and Pure Cherry Juice is a fantastic alcohol-free alternative to a glass of wine at night!

Pure Cherry Juice and Inflammation

Inflammation is often associated with many chronic diseases, including the aforementioned joint dysfunction, but also for inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Eden Orchards Pure Cherry Juice contains strong anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory actions that combat inflammation (Chai et al., 2019), which makes it a natural remedy for chronic diseases, and protects us from developing one later in life.

Biomarkers such as C-Reactive Protein (cRP) and Tumor Necrosis Factor alpha (TNF-a) are common markers used to measure the level of inflammation in the body, and Pure Cherry Juice has shown to significantly reduce these markers.

Dietary cannabinoids are also a great natural remedy for this, Read more about dietary cannabinoids here.

The Takeaway

Pure Cherry Juice is the perfect natural remedy for overall well-being, helping to fight joint pain, reduce inflammation and improve our sleep.

It's also the perfect alternative to wine at night, it's delicious, refreshing and has no added sugars or preservatives!

When looking for Pure Cherry Juice, we recommend Eden Orchards Pure Cherry Juice, which have been proudly New Zealand Grown and Bottled for over 30 years.

Why not pick yourself up a bottle today and give it a try?


About The Author: Stephen Brumwell

As a Nutritionist, Biohacking enthusiast, self-experimenter, research fanatic, and self-taught writer, Stephen immerses himself deep into the literature of human optimisation and holistic wellbeing. His goal is to help people better understand the science of human health, and how they can use it to perform better and live a life that is absolutely limitless.


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